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Textile Automation Sales Ltd - The only supplier of original Detexomat machines and spare parts
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We are a UK based company and are the successors to the original DETEXOMAT. We have now been successfully trading since 1998 supplying spare parts, machines and other ancillary equipment for the hosiery industry. We feel that we inherited a wealth of knowledge and tradition when we acquired the intellectual property rights to the original Detexomat machinery drawings, patents, trade marks etc. In fact, we have a long-standing experience of Detexomat; our workforce is made up of past Detexomat employees. This knowledge is carried through to T.A.S. in our dedication in supplying a first class service to all our existing and new users of Detexomat machines.

In addition to supplying new machines, we also have a wide range of fully refurbished and second hand Toe Closing, Gusseting & Line Closing machines for ladies pantyhose and gents socks available from stock.

We also offer a comprehensive range of spare parts for a wide variety of other hosiery and knitting machinery.

All the manufacturing of new and refurbished Detexomat machines and spare parts is carried out in the UK.

Our business is based on traditional values including quality, reliability and customer service. Our success will not be measured purely by turnover or profit, but by the increasing number of satisfied customers.

We are committed to fulfilling our customer’s requirements.

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